Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome to The White Rabbit!

So, last weekend, I finally got to St. Louis with some Sturdy Pouches. You can now find my work at The White Rabbit in St. Louis on Manchester!! I am so excited, since the store is absolutely delectable!
Here are some photos I found HERE...
Please visit the Shabby Vintage Chic boutique on Manchester Blvd. in St Louis if you get a chance!

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Katie said...

Awesome! That store looks like a fairy tale palace almost, to me.

I have the bag I bought from you and use it for my everyday purse now... It's gigantic and holds everything. Also pretty :)


That's where I talk about you and link to you, that post :) I sure hope you can ship to South Carolina once I move... I'm definitely going to want more bags...