Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eco Cloths and the Co-Op

Today I will be listing some Eco-Cloths in the shop. I love them and use them in my kitchen. Luckily, we only have to use paper towels for really dirty jobs, but for every meal and drying washed hands, I really prefer using terry cloths. They really save a lot of paper waste, I love them.

Also, I brought a bunch of goodies into the Carbondale/Murdale Co-Op this last week.
The Co-Op actually inspired these Eco-Cloths.
I brought in a bunch of Organically Lined Booties (some with 100% Linen Interiors, and also some with Bamboo/Organic Cotton Liners). I brought a bunch of different sizes, so if someone bought a pair previously, then a new size may be in order!

I brought some really awesome gift sets too. Hope to post pics next.

They also now have some super nice baby/toddler lap blankets too. Only a couple of purses are left! I hope to bring some in soon. I did go to Paducah last week...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally Fabric

I just listed a fun pair of Brown Corduroy Baby Booties that are ORGANICALLY LINED and have Traction Solez. Also, I made these really nice Gazoontite Sniffle Cases, which are flannel and cotton cases that come with a tissue pack. These are also good for holding small items like a cell phone or a pill pack. Check them out at the shop. I love how they turned out and am glad I got to use some of my beautiful flannel prints. The flannel can make its way into summer this way...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I patchworked the beautiful batik cottons together. Then, I used my new found talent, free-motion sewing all over the layers of fabric. I thought they would make great glasses cases, so I made 3!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

OK, I am back to sewing

Slowly but surely, I am revamping my etsy site. And it feels nice! I am also bringing a bunch of goodies into the Co-Op tomorrow. I am so happy that the Co-Op shoppers are really seeming to enjoy my items there. I usually stock baby booties, zipper pouches, yoga pants, tote bags, aprons, reusable washcloths/dusters, and a few other assorted items. I love how conscious the store is to the green movement--well they always have been.

If you haven't been there, please take a visit! It is in the Murdale Shopping Center in Carbondale, IL. Also, the Murdale Farmers Market will be in full swing every Saturday morning from 8-12noon. What a lovely time!!